Dental Fillings

Indirect Composite / porcelain Inlay

The other type of "white filling" is called a Composite or Porcelain Inlay. These fillings are usually placed in back teeth when esthetics is of utmost concern. In order to increase their strength and longevity, they are fabricated in the laboratory and then bonded into position in the office. This is a two-visit procedure rather than the one visit the extra time and expense is well worth it! I hope that you now understand a little bit more about white fillings.

More advantages of white restorations

When we place an amalgam filling, we have to remove extra healthy tooth structure, just so the filling will stay in place. When we restore your tooth with composite resin, we only need to remove the decayed portion, because the bond anchors the material tightly in place. This means you retain more healthy tooth structure.

Also, because white fillings are bonded to your tooth, they add strength to the tooth.

So if you're looking for an attractive and effective option for restoring one or more decayed teeth, be sure to ask us about the latest choices in white restorative materials

Silver Fillings

Silver fillings, otherwise known as Amalgams, are an alloy of several metals (silver, Zinc, Tin etc.) and Mercury. Once mixed, they make up dental amalgam. This restoration has been used successively for many, many years and has stood the test of time. Periodically, reports are generated about the possibility of mercury toxicity from old existing silver fillings. To date, it is the opinion of the American Dental Association that there is no substantial proof that dental amalgam poses any threat to the safety of the dental public.

New silver fillings can be sensitive to hot and cold liquids and other foods for the first four to six weeks or in some special cases, even longer. If the sensitivity your dentist so that he/she can evaluate the situation and prescribe the appropriate therapy.

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